Shanghai AI Industry Association (SAIA) was inaugurated on July 11, 2020 at the World artificial intelligence conference (WCAI). It is an industry-based, non-profit organizations voluntarily formed by AI companies/startups and other related organizations in shanghai to implement AI industry ecosystems. TThe association has 4 specialized committees, such as the Metaverse, Financial AI, and Medical AI, Intelligent robots as well as 2 working committees for standards and talents.At same time, We are preparing for the Intelligent Transportation System Council, the Intelligent Terminal Committee, and the Education AI Committee.

        It covers deeply influential Internet giants such as Huawei, Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba, including leading AI industry companies such as Sense time and iFLYTEK; it covers emerging and innovative AI technology-based companies from the technology fields of smart chips, AR/VR, autonomous driving, smart terminals, smart robots, and other fields, and from the application fields of smart healthcare, smart finance, and smart transportation; and it covers companies such as Bank of China, Shenkang Hospital Management Group, Shanghai Electric and other important  scene units in the field of finance, medical care, manufacturing and other areas.

        As one of the ecological innovation platforms of Shanghai's AI industry, the Association actively carries out academic exchanges with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and other top scientific research institutions, and at the same time, it also undertakes the industry's development, research and operation analysis, investment attraction, eco-construction, and international exchanges and cooperation, among other functions. Functions.

        The association adheres to the development concept of "empowerment, innovation and cooperation", undertakes the responsibility and mission of "supporting industrial development, serving enterprise innovation, and promoting industrial progress", and actively carries out academic exchanges with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and other top scientific research institutes. It also undertakes industrial development research and operation analysis, investment attraction, ecological construction, international exchange and cooperation. Cooperated with the All-Standard Committee to participate in the drafting of national standards and promote the official implementation of the first domestic provincial local regulations on AI; constructed the first local AI standard system in China, and set up and operated the local standardization technical committees; and issued rule of law, ethical, and safety initiatives and reports, which contributed to the standardization construction of global AI and to the contribution of Shanghai's wisdom.

        As the Secretariat of World artificial intelligence conference, it actively participates in the overall planning, integration, organization and coordination of the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence, and focuses on the content of the closing ceremony, internationalization, competition awards, talents and other segments of the conference; efficiently builds brand activities such as the Global Artificial Intelligence Developer Conference; and promotes the efficient flow of industry information and high-quality development through the activities.